Peppermint Grove Beach, nr Capel, WA

June 2018

It had been four years since we last went to Peppermint Grove Beach for a short holiday. We always used to go with our wonderful old dog Shadow but when she died, we just didn’t feel like going back there.

But we now have our gorgeous Millie and the time felt right to return to our old haunt and it was well worth the wait. Millie loved it as much as we expected she would and we all had a wonderful time. It is a perfect spot to see a wide variety of wildlife and when the weather gets in the way, there’s always a log fire and red wine!


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Wildlife Heaven at Monkey Mia

Shark Bay is a World Heritage site in the Gasgoyne region of Western Australia. The 2,200,902-hectare (5,438,550-acre) heritage–listed area is located approximately 800 kilometres (500 mi) north Perth.

We stayed at the Monkey Mia Resort at Monkey Mia which is the only place to get accommodation ranging from camping to fairly luxurious beach front villas and a variety of other options in between. Denham is the nearest town and is approximately 30km from Monkey Mia with more accommodation options.

For me it was a paradise – somewhere to totally relax and immerse myself in nature. We went mid March which was a reasonably quiet time to go which for me was perfect.

People visit Monkey Mia from around the World to see the wild dolphins regularly visit the shoreline to be fed fish and interact with humans. They visit at their own instigation and are fed only a 10th of their daily requirement over a maximum of three feeds so that their natural instinct to fish is not compromised. Aside from regular visits from Dolphins, turtles and sting rays are regular visitors. Visitors are allowed to offer a fish to a dolphin if chosen from the crowd but they are forbidden to touch them. I would recommend a visit to anyone who wants to experience the wonder of a dolphin up close.

We also went on a three hour wildlife cruise with Perfect Nature Cruises on catamaran Aristocat 2 and had an absolutely magical time watching dugongs and turtles, with the highlight watching a large pod of dolphins herding fish. Magnificent!

I have done a short video just over 4 minutes long showing the highlights of this trip – looking back at it I probably took too much footage on the dolphins feeding during the wildlife cruise but never mind – it was such a wonderful experience. Hopefully it gives you a taste of what to expect if you ever make the trip! The link to the video is at the end of this post.


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Going Home (back to the UK!)

Now that I live in Perth, Australia, I try to get back home to the UK once every two years to spend much needed quality time with family and friends. My latest visit was in April/May 2016. Apart from returning to my beloved Pagham, West Sussex I spent a week at the Lizard Peninsula in West Cornwall with my daughter Jennifer. This is another wonderful stunning spot.

The following photos are just a few of those I took on holiday this year.

Northern Sea Wall – Pagham

An important nature reserve. There is something very special about this place – it is good for the soul – I love this landscape, the colours, the smell, the sounds.

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C Y O’Connor Beach Canines

The photos below were taken at C Y O’Connor Dogs Beach and then converted to ‘paintings’. Adds a little ‘extra something’ I think!

Sunday Stroll – photo
Sunday Stroll – painting
Togetherness – photo
Togetherness – ‘painting’
Trophy – photo
Trophy – ‘painting’
Waiting – photo
Waiting – ‘painting’
Black Beauty – photo
Black Beauty – ‘painting’