Canning River Regional Park

Sunday 30 September, 2017
We had such a lovely walk after discovering Canning River Regional Park for the first time last week, we decided to go again on a different walking trail. Spring flowers were in abundance so here are a few more to add to the collection from the week before. I apologise for my lack of botanical knowledge – I have no idea what the names of the flowers are!


Sunday 24 September, 2017
I have lived in Perth for eight and a half years, and visited Canning River Regional Park for the first time today. The weather for this long weekend was dismal, but Sunday started fairly bright and dry so we decided to risk it and took a 20 minute drive to check out this park on the advice of a friend. And we were not disappointed. It was lush and green from all the recent rainfall and many areas were saturated with water which in the summer months would probably be dry and baked hard. So we were lucky enough to see it at its best in terms of the wildlife that the conditions attracted.

We took Millie the dog (pictured below in the car, anxious to be let out to explore!); dogs are welcome on a lead and it was nice for her to enjoy different smells for a change, although this resulted in multiple stops for more sniffing opportunities! Canning River Cafe is welcome at the end of the walk for coffee/tea and cake. We timed our walk perfectly as it started to rain just as we got to the Cafe!

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You can read more about this park via the link at the bottom of the page.

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Perth Zoo

During the Christmas Break I took the opportunity to go to Perth Zoo. I was quite impressed with the facilities they have for the animals there and the whole complex looks very well maintained. The plantings are green and lush which add to the experience.

I did feel sad for the Sun Bears and wasn’t sure, in view of their abusive history, that their continued rehabilitation would benefit from being ‘gawped at’ by humans, but they have certainly come a long way from their horrendous start in life.

One of the bears, Jamran, was found in Cambodia with his paws bound to a stake in front of a restaurant, where he was used as an advertisement for bear paw soup, a delicacy that can reach up to $1500 a bowl. He was rescued in 2007 along with Bopha, who was originally captured by poachers at two months old and sold to a wealthy family as a pet.

Current entry price is $29 per person which seems quite expensive but you can spend the whole day and if you have a passion for animals and nature, then the whole experience is well worth the money.

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Magnificent colours of Nature

Here are a few more photos below of the lovely colourful lorikeets we have visit our birdbath regularly. I love watching them squabble between themselves for best position. These were taken in February 2017


When I took our dog Millie up the park for her morning walk recently I noticed a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets popping their heads out of a hollow in a tree. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so every day since I have been taking it with me in the hope of seeing them again. For a few days nothing, but today – success – although only one went into the hollow today. I shall keep on trying and maybe I’ll be able to post a photo soon of both of them in their home together! They are quite a destructive and noisy bird, but beautiful nonetheless.


Rainbow Lorikeet – Gibson Park, Fremantle


Rainbow Parakeet, Gibson Park, Fremantle
Rainbow Parakeet – Gibson Park, Fremantle


Karri Valley Resort, South West WA

This is a lovely place to stay to get close to nature. When we visited in 2014 it was in need  of a bit of a face lift but you couldn’t fault it for it’s proximity to nature. We chose a lakeside hotel room – you could lay in bed and look out across the water. Stunning location and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to spend a few days close to nature. One of its plus points is no mobile phone coverage! The quality of the food at the Lakeside Restaurant is superb. We stayed in 2014 so it may have had a bit of an upgrade since then.


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