Perth Zoo

During the Christmas Break I took the opportunity to go to Perth Zoo. I was quite impressed with the facilities they have for the animals there and the whole complex looks very well maintained. The plantings are green and lush which add to the experience.

I did feel sad for the Sun Bears and wasn’t sure, in view of their abusive history, that their continued rehabilitation would benefit from being ‘gawped at’ by humans, but they have certainly come a long way from their horrendous start in life.

One of the bears, Jamran, was found in Cambodia with his paws bound to a stake in front of a restaurant, where he was used as an advertisement for bear paw soup, a delicacy that can reach up to $1500 a bowl. He was rescued in 2007 along with Bopha, who was originally captured by poachers at two months old and sold to a wealthy family as a pet.

Current entry price is $29 per person which seems quite expensive but you can spend the whole day and if you have a passion for animals and nature, then the whole experience is well worth the money.

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