Karri Valley Resort, South West WA

This is a lovely place to stay to get close to nature. When we visited in 2014 it was in need  of a bit of a face lift but you couldn’t fault it for it’s proximity to nature. We chose a lakeside hotel room – you could lay in bed and look out across the water. Stunning location and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to spend a few days close to nature. One of its plus points is no mobile phone coverage! The quality of the food at the Lakeside Restaurant is superb. We stayed in 2014 so it may have had a bit of an upgrade since then.


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Love is in the Air

A trio of Pelican photographs – I didn’t realise how lucky I was with the last shot until after I had taken it. A good example of having the camera on continuous shooting! These were taken at the Mandurah Estuary over the Easter weekend.


Birdbath Antics

I have a birdbath in our front garden and for a long time it was devoid of much birdlife (unless they always visited when I was at work). But suddenly they seemed to cotton on to the fact that there was an ample and regular supply of water available for the taking, and now we get quite a lot of bird life visiting, not least the beautiful but very noisy Rainbow Lorikeets. They are funny to watch as they disagree with each other and jostle for prime position.